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Trifecta, vocal/violin trio made up of Nina DiGregorio, Thiennga "T" Palmer, and Christina Riegert, has exploded on the music scene, both corporate and commercial, with their powerhouse arrangements and unique interpretations of pop/rock tunes, as well as their combined original songwriting ability.

The trio combines the soulful, rockstar lead vocals of "T," known best as founding member and lead singer of Red Abbey, demure stylings of Christina Riegert, and the virtuosic electric violin acrobatics of Nina DiGregorio. Together, the sum of these parts is unlike anything you have ever heard, shaking the very foundations of the concept of a rock band.

In their rising and respective careers, the girls have toured the world, amassed a backlog of college degrees, and performed and recorded with Grammy-winning musicians and producers.

If you have not yet heard their brand of innovative rock/string fusion, grab a seat and stay awhile, you're going to enjoy the ride.